At Anderson, Rasor & Partners, LLP, our appellate practice encompasses more than drafting appellate briefs and arguing before the reviewing courts. To ensure preservation of issues for appeal in the many high-exposure cases that the firm handles, appellate counsel is frequently consulted about, and often takes over the handling of, dispositive motions seeking dismissal or summary judgment, as well as issues that often lead to an interlocutory appeal, such as forum non conveniens motions and discovery objections.>Learn More

The Birth Trauma Defense Team of Anderson, Rasor & Partners, LLP, is a group of attorneys committed to the defense of healthcare providers in medical malpractice cases involving allegations of obstetrical and neonatal negligence. Team members have a keen understanding of the complexity of issues confronting our clients in birth trauma defense cases and the magnitude of potential exposure such cases present.>Learn More

The attorneys at Anderson Rasor & Partners, LLP, bring a combined experience of hundreds of years to the practice of defending doctors and hospitals against malpractice claims, personally managing more than 5,000 of these claims from pre-suit investigation and negotiation to ultimate resolution, including more than several hundred trials to verdict.>Learn More

Our partners collectively have decades of trial practice experience including diverse issues that may confront any business.>Learn More

Anderson, Rasor & Partners, LLP’s representation of healthcare professionals and institutions is not limited to the courtroom. Our attorneys are experienced at navigating state and federal laws that affect healthcare professionals.>Learn More

Anderson, Rasor & Partners, LLP’s, representation of healthcare providers in adversarial settings is not limited to medical malpractice defense. Our attorneys defend hospitals and individuals in the state and federal courts against a wide variety of claims arising out of their provision of healthcare services or general operations.>Learn More

Long-term care litigation is a fast-growing area of healthcare litigation, with an increased sophistication in the cases filed and litigated in the past several years. Provisions of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act make lawsuits against nursing homes both simpler to file and less expensive to prosecute than the typical medical malpractice suit. The financial incentives for targeting long-term care facilities have arisen at a time when they face institutional pressures caused by an increase in the elderly population, a shortage of skilled staff and overall increases in health care costs.>Learn More

The medical malpractice litigation expertise of Anderson, Rasor & Partners, LLP, is unparalleled. The attorneys in our practice have defended a wide array of cases: all types of surgery, including general, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and gynecologic; obstetrics, with special expertise in defending brain-damaged infant cases; general medicine, cancer, infections and heart disease; and nursing care, including issues of dosage, following physician orders and monitoring. Non-traditional areas of practice include psychiatric malpractice, including suicide, psychotropic drug prescription and involuntary commitment, assault and battery, employee strip search, and inappropriate sexual contact in the context of a physician/patient relationship.>Learn More

At Anderson, Rasor & Partners, LLP, our railroad practice focuses on all the legal needs of the railroad industry, including direct representation of railroads, railroad insurers and excess insurers, as well as national supervision of mass tort claims. We pride ourselves on working side by side with in-house counsel and claims personnel to successfully defend our clients before federal and state courts, in addition to federal and state agencies.>Learn More

Our attorneys have represented clients in asbestos defense litigation since the early 1980's. The firm's asbestos practice has grown over the years to represent asbestos defendants in state and federal courts as regional counsel and local counsel working closely with national counsel. We have represented clients in virtually every sector of the asbestos industry including manufacturers, distributors, contractors and premises owners.>Learn More

About Anderson, Rasor & Partners

At Anderson, Rasor & Partners, LLP, we focus on trial practice in state and federal courts and healthcare counseling, providing high-quality, efficient representation to our clients. We enjoy a collaborative relationship with our clients, where their goals and needs are our highest priority.

Our team of attorneys have extensive experience defending a broad spectrum of litigation including medical malpractice, birth trauma, healthcare, nursing home and long-term care, railroad, general, commercial and employment. With hundreds of verdicts, our demonstrated success in the courtroom sets us apart.

We provide healthcare counseling in an array of contexts, including staff privileging issues, compliance with state and federal laws, patient rights, contractual issues and licensing.

Our Appellate Department has successfully handled appeals in state and federal courts, and plays an active role addressing issues that arise before and during trial.